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The French kindergarten school (cycle 1, in the process of being approved) is the first
step in ensuring the success of all students in a school that is fair for all and
demanding for everyone. It establishes the educational and pedagogical foundations
on which the future learning of students is based.
Kindergarten is a caring school, even more so than the later stages of the school
career. Its main mission is to make children willing to learn, assert and develop their
personality. It is based on a fundamental principle: all children are able to learn and
grow. By showing confidence in each child, kindergarten encourage them to have
confidence in doing and thinking, in their ability to learn and succeed in school and
It is a school that adapts to young children.
It is a school that organizes specific learning modalities by playing, reflecting and
solving problems, practicing, remembering and memorizing.
It is a school where children will learn together and live together, understanding the
function of the school, building themselves as a unique person within a group.
The kindergarten program is organized so that at the end of 3rd year, students have
the basic skills and knowledge necessary for their entry into 1st grade of the primary


Students are present in class from Monday to Thursday from 8h00 to 11h30 and from
13h15 to 15h00 and Friday morning from 8h00 to 12h00
Mornings are dedicated to the class.