Year 1 and 2: Montessori

The main objective of the Montessori class is to provide a high quality education based on 5 key areas: practical life, sensory life, language, mathematics and culture.

Artistic activities are also included (arts and crafts, music, yoga and dance).

The learning process follows a “constructivist” or “discovery” model in which children learn the concepts of concrete work with material, and learning progresses logically from concrete to abstract.

Activities are conducted in an educational environment that is adapted to the specific learning characteristics of children and where the child is free to move within the prepared classroom environment. This allows the children to work at their own pace and thus develop their independence and autonomy in all areas of the classroom.

The teacher has a role of “guide” who observes, supports the interests and presents the activities according to the unique development of each child.

More information about Montessori education is available here

Year 3: a last year of French curriculum kindergarten

The class of “grand section” students focuses on the acquisition of the academic bases necessary for entry into CP: reading, writing, comprehension and oral expression in French, mathematics and general culture


Students are present in class from Monday to Thursday from 8h to 11h30 and from 13h30 to 15h and Friday morning from 8h to 11h30.

Mornings are dedicated to the class.

Afternoons are dedicated to French, English and Khmer language classes that take the form of various fun activities through art, music, physical activities and science.