Lunch Break

During the lunch break, from Monday to Thursday, children can stay at the EFB. A
canteen and student supervision service is organized by the school.
In kindergarten, after the meal, the students will take a nap in their class. In primary
school and college, they have play time followed by quiet time. Optional lessons can
also take place during lunchtime.
For the canteen, meals can be brought by parents or prepared by the school cook.
For meals brought by parents, all containers should be clearly marked with the child’s
For meals prepared by the school, we favor a healthy and balanced diet prepared with
fresh foods. We also take into account the peculiarities of students according to their
diet, religion or health problems. We educate students about biodiversity by making a
school vegetable garden and compost ourselves. Likewise, we teach students to sort
waste and respect the environment.
As for drinks, we ask to bring a metal or hard plastic bottle that they can refill at our
water fountains. Sugary or carbonated drinks are not allowed at school.