Affiliations and Certifications

The French International School Battambang is an international school partner of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). The education provided is fully recognized by the French ministry of Education. The students follow the official French curriculum and can pursue their schooling in France and in French schools everywhere in the world. It is also recognized in different education systems around the world.

The kindergarten levels (cycle 1) are accredited.

In elementary and secondary levels, the students follow the official French curriculum through the CNED (National Center for Distance Education, attached to the French ministry of Education).

The EFB also works in close collaboration with the French Institute of Cambodia, which is an entity
of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of the major players in French artistic
and academic cultural cooperation in Cambodia, including in Battambang.

In grade 3, 4 and 7, our non-francophone students take the DELF Prim A1, A2
and B1, the official French-language diploma issued by the French Ministry of National
Education and recognized internationally.