Page is being updated with new teaching staff for 2019-2020


Pedagogic team

Our team is made up of qualified and experienced teachers. The teachers, assistants and animators for sport and extracurricular activities are all French or French-speaking. As for the language teachers (French, English and Khmer), they all teach in their mother tongue, which guarantees an excellent quality of teaching both written and oral, as well as a valuable knowledge of cultures, habits and customs that relate to each language.

Kindergarten School

Amélia Cuinet

Kindergarten Teacher
(1st year)

Sreyleak Lok

Kindergarten Assistant
(1st year)

Dorothée Michiels

Kindergarten Teacher
(2nd-3rd years)

Lina Nem

Kindergarten Assistant
(2nd-3rd years)

Primary School

Stéphanie Stubbs

1st - 2nd grade

Marie-José Da Silva Macedo

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades and pedagogic coordinator


Pierre Lechauguette

College teacher

Physical education - Language

In addition to their teachers, our students follow sport lessons with a certified teacher:

Pierre Lechauguette

Sport teacher and animator for after-school activities

Roxanne Cusick

English Teacher (pre-school - 6e)

Sreyroth Khoeu

Khmer Teacher (élémentary - 6e)

Mathieu Cuinet

Animator for after-school activities


Ti Ra

Guard and general maintenance