Marie-José Da Silva Macedo

Primary School Teacher (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades) and pedagogic coordinator

Marie-José is French and a certified primary school teacher. She worked for almost ten years in France as a history-geography and French language teacher. She is also qualified as a teacher in French as a foreign language, which allowed her to share and
discuss French language and culture with wide and diverse audiences.

Since 2015 she has lived and worked abroad, namely in Peru, Mexico and Nepal. In each of these countries, she taught in different primary and secondary schools to students with different command of the French language.
Within the British School of Kathmandu, she looked after both French-speaking students who followed the National Education program, and students learning French as a foreign language. She has been a distance learning tutor (CNED) for several
French students as well. These different missions were very enriching and enabled her to develop many skills.
As a teacher, she puts the student at the heart of the class, to make them feel good and become the actor of their learning. It is the reason why she particularly likes to work around projects, for example around theatre and writing which are two of her passions and two wonderful means of expression and personal development for the students.