Marie-José Da Silva Macedo

Certified teacher and CNED tutor (CM1 – 6e)

Marie-José is French. She worked in France for about ten years, teaching French, History and Geography. She also graduated in FLE, which enabled her to share French language and cultural practices.
She has now been working abroad for four years. She has worked in Peru, Mexico and Nepal. In each of these countries, she taught in different primary and secondary schools, to students with very different French levels.
In the British School of Kathmandu, she was in charge of the French program, through which she taught both native French speakers and students of French as a Foreign Language. She was also a CNED teacher for many French students.
Her different roles have been very enriching and enabled Marie-José to develop several abilities. As a teacher, she gives each student a valuable place in the class in order to make every student feel good and know the importance of their contribution to class learning. She loves working on collaborative projects, for example with theatre and writing, two of her passions and wonderful ways for students to express and develop themselves.