Beyond its educational role, the EFB is committed to making its education accessible to Cambodian children from families in economic difficulty.

Our sponsorship program allows children from disadvantaged backgrounds whose parents are invested in schooling to enter the EFB from the age of 3 and benefit from a solid education that will open up many opportunities for their future.

EFB is great value for money with the cheapest international school-leveltuition in Southeast Asia, between USD 2,500 for Kindergarten to USD 3,500 for primary school and college (all inclusive). Tuition fees are available here.

For them, we need committed sponsors who are ready to support a child over several years regardless of the amount of sponsorship chosen.
These students are engaged, invested and this support is invaluable in preparing for their future.
Each year, the school results are sent to the mentors with photos of their godchild and his work and a word from the teacher on his progress.


For more information, contact:
Caroline Loeum Grelier, director
WhatsApp or mobile: +855 17 873 860