Elementary + Middle School

Overall presentation of CNED

In elementary and secondary levels, the students follow the official French curriculum using the CNED (French National Center for Distance Education attached to the French ministry of Education). At the end of each school year, the student receives an official certificate of education and a report card on acquired skills and competences.

Students can follow the CNED-supported curriculum on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis if they also attend a Cambodian or English curriculum in another school in the afternoon.

If present on a part-time basis, the students study the core subjects: French, mathematics, history and geography).

The courses are organized in eight modules with an evaluation after each module. The evaluations of the students are sent to France for correction by a certified teacher in France. The evaluations are then returned to the EFB, officially validating the student’s work.

A student can receive individualized support adapted to his needs, as well as participate in class projects to stimulate learning and interaction and cooperation with other students.

Beginning in CE2, non-French speaking students have the opportunity to pass the DELF Prim diploma, an international French language proficiency certificate. 

At the EFB, students work in multi-level classrooms with a professional and certified teacher. This allows for individualized support for each student. Classroom activities are organized to create a stimulating and dynamic environment as well as group projects that promote cooperation between students of different levels and the social development of all.


Students are present in class from Monday from 8h to 12h and from 13h30 to 15h and Friday morning from 8h to 11h30. College students resume classes in the afternoon at 13h.

The mornings are devoted to Franch, mathematics and history-geography. Afternoons are dedicated to science, arts, physical education and langiage classes.

From grade 7, the students learn a second foreign language and sciences are divided in three subjects : physics-chemistry, biology and technology.