High Quality Education

The mission of the French School of Battambang is focused on children’s academic excellence from kindergarten, through primary and up to secondary school.

To achieve this purpose, we follow the official national curriculum of the French Ministry of Education, and we also focus on the personal development of our children to enable them to have a good start in their personal and academic lives.

To this end, we are committed to contributing actively to the overall development of each student in all its dimensions. .

In kindergarten, ages 3 to 6, we use the Montessori pedagogy, with personalized support focused on the progress of each child, while caring for interaction with others and group dynamics. In primary and secondary school, a team of qualified and experienced professional teachers and tutors supports each student through the requisites of the official French national education programme, coordinated and evaluated by the CNED.

Thus, the school offers all its students, whatever their nationality, an officially sanctioned school programme, fully transferable and recognized wherever they go next.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Besides the compulsory and mandated programme, we also offer various extracurricular activities: languages (French, English and Khmer), as well as other activities such as theatre, photography, art, with  the help of professionals  EFB is also planning to start computer science in the near future.

An Internationally Recognized Course

Because recognition of our children’s educational achievement is paramount to their future, we established a double official certification program:

> the CNED certification for the official French school program., validated and recognized throughout the world,

> for non-francophone students, from 2019, the DELF Prim, Diploma of Studies in French Language, the only official certificate issued by the French Ministry of Education and whose validity is also international.

A Social Vocation

Since the EFB wishes to support Cambodian children from economically disadvantaged families, we set up a scholarship program.

Superior Quality French Education

The mission of the French School of Battambang (EFB) is to provide superior quality French education from kindergarten through secondary school to prepare students of different nationalities to think and lead in the world.

EFB Social Action

EFB strives to sponsor Cambodian children from economically disadvantaged families with a scholarship to allow them to enhance their education and therefore their life changes.