Céline Weber

CNED tutor (CP – CE2)

Céline is French and comes from Alsace. Initially, she obtained a Masters in Politics and Law in the artistic field, in order to be a lawyer. However, along the way she discovered the enjoyment of teaching and decided to become a teacher instead.
She then taught in French and international schools in Djibouti and in Egypt, in CP and CE1 classes, and she provided targeted support in French for kindergarten and elementary classes.
She also committed her time to an adult literacy project in Djibouti for 6 months.
This fabulous adventurous career gives her the opportunity to teach various kinds of students, to explore different pedagogical and didactic theories and to discover many cultures.
What’s more, her professional experience enables her to explore her other passion, photography (https://djibouti2015.wordpress.com), for which she has won many awards and that she loves to share with her students!