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The Ecole Française de Battambang (EFB) – French International School of Battambang – was created in October 2012 as a parents’ non-profit association.

The school is international. Thus, we welcome children from all nationalities, starting at age 3, providing a high quality French and international education.

Up to 24 children 3 to 6 years old are welcomed in a Montessori classroom, an exclusivity and a reference in Battambang province and beyond. The children learn through discovery, experiential learning and development of the child’s autonomy, respecting the rhythm of each child, preparing them for primary school in the best conditions.

From the age of 6, children follow the official French national educational curriculum through the French Ministry of Education’s sanctioned CNED (distance education curriculum). Thus, not only is their schooling of an excellent level, but it is also officially recognized throughout the world in the French and other educational systems.

In addition, non-francophone children 3 to 7 years old learning French will be able to sit for an examination of the DELF Prim diploma (French language competency certificate), obtaining, if they pass, an internationally recognized diploma for his/her level of French.

To support a high educational quality, the EFB has chosen to have small classes (maximum 15 students in an elementary classroom and 24 in a Montessori kindergarten classroom).  The classes are supervised by experienced professionals (for example, one Montessori educator and 2 assistants in a Montessori classroom).

This commitment to quality leads to, concurrently, a nice class dynamic and an individualized and therefore effective support for each child.



Whatever their age and origin, children use the French language in the classrooms. Thus, they acquire a historically important language in Cambodia, enabling them to pursue their higher education in the best fields (law, medicine, tourism, etc.) and to access high-profile professions such as guide, interpreter, French teacher, etc.

Moreover, the EFB offers classes in English and Khmer as extracurricular activities with experienced teachers.  Many students are therefore trilingual by the age of 8, and almost all are bilingual. Thus Cambodian children will have a level of Khmer sufficient to attend a Cambodian primary school as well as continue their schooling at EFB.



The EFB educational program and activities are actively supported by the Embassy of France in Cambodia and by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia. In addition, the EFB cooperates with the French Institute of Cambodia (IFC), in Battambang and Phnom Penh.

The school is also involved in Montessori pedagogical training activities of Cambodian early childhood educators as well as in a scholarship program for Cambodian children of economically disadvantaged families.


The EFB is located in Battambang, a 7 minutes drive from the center of townin a secure environment.
In September 2019, the school will relocate to a new location, closer to the center of town, offering the possibility to offer classes in a new building composed of 2 Montessori classrooms, 3 elementary classes, language rooms, a library/media library, a sports practice area and a large canteen that will allow all children to share meals prepared on site (meals are adapted to allergies, but also to the culture, philosophy and religion of each child).

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