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The French School of Battambang (EFB) was created in October 2012.

The school is international and, as such, it welcomes children of all nationalities, from 3 years, to offer them a pedagogy of excellent quality :

From 3 to 6 years old, children are welcomed in a Montessori class, an exclusivity and a reference throughout the Battambang region, which promotes discovery, experiential learning and the development of autonomy in the respect of the rhythm of each child.   These three years of Montessori are designed to effectively prepare students for good primary schooling.

From the age of 6, children expect CNED schooling and therefore the official program of French national education.
As such, their education is not only of an excellent level but is also officially recognized worldwide.
In addition, the teaching of French to English (3-year-old) is a graduation course in French and English. .

To support this level of quality of education, the EFB has chosen to create classes (15 children maximum in elementary and 24 in kindergarten Montessori) who are supervised by seasoned professionals , for example).
This organization also makes it possible to have the same time in a beautiful dynamic of class, but also individualized accompaniment of each student.



Whatever their age, children expect all classes in French. Thus, they acquire a historically important language in Cambodia that will allow them to pursue higher studies in the best fields (law, medicine, tourism, etc.) and to claim high-profile professions such as those of guide, interpreter, French teacher, etc.

Moreover, every student who wishes to take English and Khmer lessons with teachers.

Thus, beyond speaking English and French, children have the level of Khmer required to attend primary, if necessary, a double French / Cambodian schooling.


The program and level of education of the EFB are actively supported by the Embassy of France in Cambodia and by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
EFB also works closely with the French Institute of Cambodia (IFC) in Battambang and Phnom Penh.

These supports are all the more important as the school is taught in Cambodia’s Montessori pedagogical training activities Cambodian early childhood educators and scholarship program for children.


The EFB premises are located in Battambang, 7 minutes by car / motorcycle from the city center , in a private and secure green environment.

From 2019, the school will offer classes in a class of 2 Montessori classrooms, 3 elementary classes, language rooms, a library / media library, a sports practice area. and a large canteen where all children can share their meals, but also their culture, philosophy or religion.



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