During lunch break, from Monday to Thursday, children can stay at the EFB. The school has a room where children can eat.

Meals can be brought by parents or prepared by a lunch service contracted by the school.

For meals brought by parents, the school has a refrigerator where children can store their meals and drinks. All containers must be clearly marked with the child’s name. All containers must be removed Thursday afternoon as the refrigerator is cleaned every weekend and turned off for energy saving.

For meals that we prepare, we prioritize a healthy and balanced diet prepared with fresh food, cooked in a clean environment. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal can be prepared for a cost of US$ 2 by lunch.

Children can freely use the water fountains that are provided by the school.

During the mid-day break, children are supervised by school staff.
The kindergarten children have lunch in a dedicated room, separated from that of the elementaries / high school.
After lunch, a quiet time (nap / silent reading) was instituted to promote the digestion and the rest of the children.

Any scheduled absence must be communicated to the management on the concerned day, befor 8.30 in the morning so that the right number of meals can be prepared and avoid wasting food.
In this respect, the school has also set up waste sorting for recycling and composting so that we should make an efficient waste recycling. Children help remove their dishes after lunch.



Beyond school hours, the French School Battambang offers extra-curricular activities. This year, language classes have been chosen by the parents of the registered students (French, English and Khmer).

As of September 2019, activities will be organized, depending on availability of teachers and subject to the number of interested children.