For the Montessori class, the school supplies are included in the school fees. Parents may be asked, occasionally, to provide some specific supplies.

For the primary and secondary cycle, the teachers will provide a list of school supplies to be purchased by the parents before the start of the school year. Teachers may occasionally request some additional supplies, as required, during the school year. To simplify the process for the parents, EFB identifies the specific items in a Battambang bookstore so that the parents do not waste time searching for the required items.
The CNED requires that the students have a small laptop. EFB can recommend models to the parents, if requested

As reminder, parents pay the CNED fees directly to CNED. The CNED then mails by post all the required manuals directly to the student, via the post office box of the EFB (P.O. Box 342, Battambang 02360, Cambodia).