Our certified teachers are native French speakers.

The Montessori classroom is led by a francophone certified Montessori educator (teacher), and two francophone Cambodian assistants.

For the primary school and seventh grade, we have two french government certified teachers as tutors to provide structure and support to the children as they progress in their course work. (CNED).  Their work will benefit from the assistance of french students in education graduate school, working for several months at the EFB as interns.

Parents are regularly informed of the progress of their children through meetings with the teachers.

Alexis Charpenet works with the EFB since September 2013. He is a graduate of Sciences Po Strasbourg, and a graduate of the University of Strasbourg, France (Master in the field of education, training, and communication) .

He works in the field of education and books in Cambodia since 1995.

In 2011, he helped create the French School of Sihanoukville, where he was the Director, where he taught students in the primary cycle until June 2013.

Previously, in Phnom Penh, as part of continuing education, he was a substitute teacher at the Lycée René Descartes, and taught French at the French Cultural Centre and in various schools.

He was deputy director of Monument Books (4 libraries in Cambodia), a well-known bookstore in Cambodia.

As Principal of the EFB, Alexis manages the day to day operations of the school and  is focused on contributing to the development of our school, ensuring that children of different nationalities and social backgrounds benefit from a quality education.