Children 3 to 6 years old develop in a Montessori classroom that adheres to international standards and best practices of the Montessori method.  We invite you to learn about it on “The Montessori Classroom“.

Our students from 6 to 11 years old continue their primary education using the proven official French Government distance education programme, CNED.  If there are enough secondary school students (11 to 15 years old) wishing to continue their studies at the EFB, a class can be started using the CNED as teaching tool.


In addition to the regular classes, EFB organizes optional extra-curricular activities.These activities are open in priority to EFB students and, if space allows, to other children of the community.    
EFB proposes the following optional extracurricular activities, available depending on the number of interested students: Khmer, English, Chinese, music (piano, violin), art.  

Activities can be developed and offered based on parents’ interest and support.

Parents are invited to lead extra-curricular activities in their areas of expertise.