2017 - 2018 News

The students of the EFB had the chance to go to the Au Cabaret Vert hotel to see a percussion show of the Malagasy troop Bloco Malagasy. Training and very professional !

The EFB had the honor to welcome to the EFB Mrs Eva Nguyen Binh, ambassador of France in Cambodia.

Ms. Nguyen Binh visited the different classes of the school and spoke with primary school children and teachers.

She appreciated the efforts of our association to bring a quality French education to Battambang.

We celebrated in style the 100th day of this school year at the EFB!

And always, at the beginning of the year 2018,  photography learning with Régis Binard!

The French school of Battambang had a party on the eve of the end of year holidays!

At the French school of Battambang, everything is in color! Canteen for the youngest ones, library, classroom of language courses ….

On the occasion of Halloween and Bon Om Touk, it was the party today at school! Linguistic diversity and cultural diversity on the agenda!

It’s back to school on this 4th of September 2017!

Welcome to the new students and the 3 new teachers Mélanie, Sandra and Virginie, as well as to the Beaurey, intern!

On the occasion of this new 2017-2018 school year, the EFB subscribed to new magazines!